Gallery - MYRADA
Fodder Production
Hygenic Cattleshed
On Bund Biomass
Panchagavya Spraying
Preparation of slurry for Bio gas production
Roof Water harvesting
Vermi compost production
Roof Top Garden
Banana Fibre Extraction
Poultry Unit at KVK
Slatted Floor Goat Rearing unit at KVK
Bee Keeping
Ecological Engineering
Sucking pest management
Ecological Engineering for Pest Mgt
Demo on Groundnut cultivation


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  • Increase the income of vulnerable families through the creation of sustainable livelihood opportunities
  • Promote self-managed and dynamic local level institutions
  • Create healthy living conditions for families and communities in the Kendra’s working area
  • Influence on research agenda (and policy) to meet the legitimate requirements of farming communities